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Synergy Community Farms – Maui, Hawaii

Aloha World.  We’re the Synergy Community Farms with our first, primary location in Maui, Hawaii. We are also the home of the Temple of Tantra ( and School of Tantra (  We envision that eventually tantric farms/ashrams/temples will exist all over the globe, a return to what was before as evidenced by many ruins and archeological digs now revealing our true past.

Our main focus right now is creating intentional, sustainable, conscious communities.  Our core principals are based on tantra (means weave) in its purest sense, that of creating right livelihood, sharing love, loving one another, weaving together and seeing how we can best support each other.

Together we focus on that which serves the highest good while simultaneously respects the rights of each individual.  We do what we can to nurture and support each individual member of the community as well as the animals, plants, land, water and air.  We realize all are essential for our life, pleasure and enjoyment.

We’re a blissed-based culture with a strrong focus on agape love, love for one another.  Most of our members have some kind of spiritual practice which involves meditation, reflection, compassionate/kind (non-violent) communications and prayer.  We feel some kind of connection to a higher power beyond self while not necessarily describing it in traditional, religious ways.  Many remember oneness and incorporate GodSense within Self.  All revere and respect individuality, consicousness and free will for we realize diversity is the foundation of life.

Synergy Community Farms (SCF) has been known by many names over the years and has been in existence since 1979.  SCF was founded by Dr. Sasha Lessin and some of his hui partners (who will remain nameless at this point in time) We honor and respect their contributions for we have grown and become what we are because of their efforts. We carry forth a vision of love and connection while realizing that we accomplish what we do because “we build upon the shoulders of giants”, our forefathers, those who came before.

This land is very sacred, spiritual and has been a haven for healing since its inception.  Hundreds if not thousands have been through these portals (as this truly is an interdimensional portal, a vortex to higher dimensions and levels of awareness for those sensitive enough to grok it), and they have received profound healing, messages, and lessons for their evolution to higher awareness and universal consciousness.

Some have had it easier than others.  There are even those who are no longer with us in this dimension. With each passing of one of our universal/global members, we become more aware of our connection with all on both sides of the veil. They add to the energy of this magical place. They are all honored, loved, adored, respected.

You know who you are, both on this plane and others, and since this is a portal, others who come here often see them. We smile as they gift us.  Fear not, for they are all part of the divine plan, the eternal, universal connection between this realm and higher realms.

This land is a portal to ascension and as such, has been recognized by many and has been dubbed, “The Ascension Center”.  There is another, supporting web site soon to come called which will be online as time permits.  I will record more information there while this site will focus on the community vision.

Meanwhile, today we are focused in bringing you some essential information so you might better understand the role and value of this sacred place for the growth and expansion of consciousness for humanity. This energy, this land must be protected, from development and those who do not understand its significance.  This land is conservation land, preserved, protected for ages and while many have tried to use it otherwise, the land calls those who protect it and protected it remains.

There are those who, on an ego level, do not quite understand why they are called here, to Maui and to especially to this land. But their soul knows that they have been called to be Guardians, Champions, Stewards of these islands. And some are called to this particular land.  It has been so since the beginning and will remain so long after we ascend to other realms.

I was called from Pennsylvania in 1993 to come to Hawaii.  I left everyone I knew.  It made no sense at the time, yet I was compelled and could do nothing else but respond to its becon.  I landed on the island of Oahu and at that point in time was aware that Oahu, while nice and I am grateful that she welcomed me into her arms, was not my final destination. I knew Source would reveal more, in due time.

I met Dr. Lessin in 1997 and he was the catalyst for me to come here.  When I arrived at SCF, I knew that very first night that I was at last home and that my wandering around the planet had at last ended. As verification, I slept soundly through the night for the first time in four years after suffering horribly from insomnia.

I love this land and she loves me. This mountain has energy, consciousness, and this land, at the foothills of this incredible “beast” has an even more intense, magical energy and properties that are unknown anywhere else on this Earth.

I personally believe, based on my personal channeling and information downloaded from Source, my Guides, Council of Elders, Soul Family, and Higher Self, that this land resides on top of the interdimensional portals of the Halls of Amenti.

Other locations around the world are at the same longitude.  They ring this planet. This location is part of that ring.  It’s critical for what is about to unfold for all beings of this, and other worlds.

But then again, what do I know?  Perhaps I’m just an eccentric old hippie who loves my home and the adorable cats who live here with me. We share all with my incredible, precious husband and friends and family (both by blood and my spiritual family) who come to visit, hang with us and some even live here (at least 6 months).

I write this “blog” entry on 12/28/11, the countdown to 2012, and all the magic that time has for us in store.  My cat, Tiger, sits on the water tank at the height of our window outside the office and complains, begs that I feed her. The water flows consistently, creates a pleasant sound like a gentle waterfall as it drips, drip, drips into the tank, filling it, keeping all who live here blessed with the most incredible, pure, energy-filled, and vibrant water in the world that springs from the mountains behind us. Paradise. What a life.

We are blessed. All is well. There’s a peace that fills this land which I hope permeates out to you who read this.

We are an intentional community, an experiment in the extended family, in tribe, in ways known before and long lost in the hubub of the modern industrial complex society we now face.  Can we return to more simpler times?

I find if we dig our hands in the soil and eat the riches of the land, the fruits and vegetables were so full of life our tongues squeal with delight as living molecules release their vibrant, intoxicating tastes across our tongues, that we somehow return to center, to the core of ourself.  But how did we lose our way in the first place?

I remember days, over 50 years ago, when I was a young child our father would drive us to visit neighboring farms. We lived in a city, in Pittsburgh. But in the 60s when you could drive 5 to 10 minutes in any direction and still find farms, cows, and chickens.

I saw it come down, taken over, become huge box stores and giant highways spanning hundreds of miles. One by one the farms were plowed under.  Food production went from down the road with neighbors who smiled and had faces you knew and names you remembered to so far away you had no idea who was growing what and their motivation became pure profit.  Love was removed from our food. We now suffer because of it. But it’s never too late as long as we live.

Get back to the land. Find your roots and you’ll find yourself.  Create, join, discover intentional communities.  Remember who you truly are. You are part of a family. That family may not be the one you were born into. But that’s ok. Love them anyway even though they’re dysfunctional. Unconditional love doesn’t require anything else but loving.

Somewhere there are those who love you and will help you heal, learn and grow, evolve to a being with whom others are delighted to interact, hang out with, love, be with, share love, get intimate with, and yes, get involved with.

We are the future. Communities are the future. They are the only things that are sustainable. All else will fade away.

We need to remember who were through the past and come full circle here to this now, clear on through to our future.  Become who you’ve always desired yourself to be.  You can do it. We can make it.

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