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Earth changes, economic collapse, decaying eco-systems drive us to create conscious communities, eco-villages where we thrive and survive or else we’ll die. Soon we’ll extinct ourselves, genocide by our own devices. Communities are our future.

We’re a self-destructing, suicidal species. Fortunately there are some of us who’re pulling our heads out of the sand, recognize there’s an elephant in the middle of the living room and are doing something about it. We’re on the Titanic; she’s going down. No matter how much we bail, bail, bail, it’s too little too late.

Time to think outside of the box. Break on through to the other side. Now hold on, jump. We’re on the edge of the cliff and we need to trust each other and remember deep down underneath it all, we know how to fly.

Tribe, family, love, support. Together we get down and dirty, dig our hands in the soil, toil, sweat, hard work, yes, and yet, such joy, self satisfaction, interactions, connections, rewards beyond imagination. You eat what you grow, harvest, pick. By thine own hands, created (with the help of God Source and nature.)

You commune with nature, Gaia, Mother Maui. She nurtures your soul, essence and being, envelopes you with her love. Her delicious, crisp, clean, cool air fills your lungs, wakes up your nostrils with fragrant aromas. Pure water, balanced, alkaline PH, soft taste, rich with natural minerals, quenches your thirst. You hunger no more.

Your belly and soul, full, abundant, over-flowing with vibrant, dancing molecules, food, water, air, sun, fun flowing through your total being. You’re alive! You’re in Shangrila, Nirvana, Paradise, Heaven on Earth–Maui.

We, Synergy Community Farms ( and the Temple of Tantra (, Maui, Hawaii seek adventurous souls, pioneers, beings willing to break new ground, blaze the trail, create a model of sustainable, self-sufficient community that others wish to emulate and start where they live.

We’re building the ark. The economy’s sinking and we need new models for living. The time is now. There’s a lot to do. It’s hard work. We’re laying foundations, installing infrastructures, raising barns and buildings, clearing the land and planting our future, a new way of being in harmony with one another and the land.

Realize you matter. What you contribute counts. You can make a difference. Your community needs you. Your community’s the world and all her beings. We need each other to not only survive, but thrive and make the world a better place for all to be.

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