2013 A Blessed New Year by Janet Kira Lessin

HD Happy New Year Wallpaper 2012 wallpapersCompletions. We end one cycle, begin another. December 21, 2012 turned out to be another Y2K. It fizzled, did nothing or not much. The Mayan/Incan calendar was reset. Time for a new calendar, nothing more, nothing less.

But is that true?

In many ways this is the ideal time to reset my life. I’m soon to turn 59 (on February 6, 2013). My mother had her first heart attack at that age. So that weighs on my mind. I’m dealing with many issues that remain unresolved, with many months remaining in the process till resolution is achieved. There are many reasons to fret and worry. And yet, as we end one year, with all its trials and tribulations that 2012 offered, it’s also a time to count blessings. And they have been many, scattered among the dirt.

Tis the end of an era. I feel it winding down. Humanity’s ending it’s childhood. We’re growing up, evolving, becoming more and more conscious as we enter an information age unlike any ever before.

I personally am ending my childhood. There’s a part of me that will be forever young. But 59 is an elder. No doubt about that. I have one year remaining and I’ll be 60. So time to get serious about life and what I intend to accomplish.

My road is unlike any other ever traversed before. We live in times where technology (and perhaps spirituality) can offer life endings unlike any ever imagined. We could be the generation that experiences extreme longevity. My research has shown there’s a strong possibility that we’ll live hundreds if not thousands of years. Yes, thousands. That’s how advanced our research, technology and science is getting. Some of us alive today may live thousands of years. Personally, I believe it because somewhere in my core being, it feels right.

So what will you do if you live forever? How will you spend your days?  How will you spend your life now that time is not limited?  What will you contribute to your community, your world?  How will you treat the planet now that you’ll not die and leave your mess to future generations?

What will our communities be like?  How will we treat our brothers, sisters, neighbors, beside us and across the world. How will we live if we live forever?

Think about it.

Happy New Year Wallpaper 2012 wallpapersI will as I contemplate the new, upcoming year and all that brings to my life/existence. I realize I am far more than a simple lifetime, that I and all I’ve ever known (personally and celebrities that I’ve known of and never actually met), exist forever.

The new year brings hope. Hope to me, my family and my world. We made it. We’re still here. Life brings hope and hope springs eternal from the wells our our hearts.

We are the human family. Our human condition may be full of trials and tribulations. Yet these things define us and give us opportunities to be good, bad, indifferent and everything in between in the continuum.

I hope you have a blessed year that brings you more than you hope for. I pray you find joy in every moment, for every breath we get to take is precious. Each moment gives us LIFE and the opportunity to chose Love or Fear. Each time we chose Love, despite all our FEARS, we move closer to GodSource and oneness, closer to our goals and unconditional love.

Remember love’s all you take with you. I will embrace and love all I’ve ever known and loved as we enter yet another new year and endless opportunities to embrace and express more love.

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