We are not taking cat donations of live animals right now as we are not set up to receive any additional colony members. We need volunteers and supplies, plus ongoing food and medical donations.

But ready or not, for the past 25-plus years we have had cats. Some we’ve rescued from shelters. Some find us here in the jungle and I swear they tell their friends. We have long term tenants and unfortunately some have abandoned their fur children. We do our best to care for their needs, but kitties need their humans. We’ve fallen in love with our kitties and they love us. At this point many have passed onto the next realm.

But nature adhors a vacuum and when one dies, a kitten comes.

I hope to build a series of catios around the property. I’d like to set up rain barrels and water/food stations so no one goes hungry. We need to finish fencing off the property to protect our furry friends from predators. While here in Maui there are not a lot of predators, we do have owls who have been known to kill and eat kittens.

I just realized all my cat pictures are on my phones. I’ll have to get back to this later.

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