Community – common – unity. Where can we find those of like-mind who share a common vision with us? With whom will we resonate, join harmoniously, to synergize, co-create heaven on Earth? Community. Perhaps you long for family, for tribe. Families you were born into dispersed–parents dead, siblings distant, kids moved. Alone, isolated. You want more.

Are you ready for something new? Explore joining or creating a conscious community.

Together, we re-script outgrown limits we imprinted. Share authentic relationships, open and honest. Discover soul mates, twin flames, friends and life partners. Rediscover one another after centuries apart and lifetimes shared.

In our new family, our love is intense, devotion total, dedication complete.

Loving oneness is our greatest gift to all beings. We feel full with one another, whole, complete, peaceful within from our inner-dependency, safe to experience all the emotions of the human condition: mad, sad, glad or afraid. Our hearts swell and overflow. Secure, united, fulfilled, we’re ready to receive mutually chosen members of a new family, expand until we encompass the globe.

Who We Are Now

We’re Synergy Farms, Tantra Theosophical Society, a tantric ashram (Temple of Tantra), tantra school (School of Tantra and community (Synergy Community) with various locations around the globe.

We enjoy getting our feet and hands into the dirt and working the land. We plant vegetables and fruit bearing trees and harvest abundant crops from our existing fruit trees that are ancient, HUGE and have been loved for over 30 years.

When our crops come in we scramble to get them harvested, distributed to our community members, and eaten at our community meals. There’s nothing better than food we’ve grown on our own soil. The rest we take to market for sale so that the greater Maui community can enjoy good, home-grown, Maui organic food.

Our first location is in the mountains of West Maui, Hawaii–the last property before twelve miles of pristine rainforest jungle preserve. Paradise.

A special, select few of our members live here on this sacred land. Some of our Community members live elsewhere in Maui. Others are spread around the Hawaiian islands. Some are on the mainland and others live in various places around the world and come home when they can or share with us in hyperspace via email or virtual seminars, spiritual counseling, tantra temple services and classes.

Future Vision

We seek kind, loving, loveable, ethical people who love nature, animals, plants, the Earth, people, Members candidates are spiritual, free of prejudice, open minded, love to garden, have good communication skills and the desire to resolve issues, work things out. Members love peace and support organizations like the World Peace Association.

We seek long term, ongoing relationships, friendships and deep connections with our extended family, our tribe.

We actively seeking a wide variety of locations, places where we can live consciously in intentional communities. We seek peace, the freedom to worship tantrically, and quiet sanctuaries where we and our visitors can pray, meditate, heal, learn, grow, expand and reconnect with higher powers, Source, Universal Consciousness.

Naturists, we champion peace, the environment, love, relationship choice, women, minorities, partnership society, planetary healing and Unity consciousness. We seek health, peace, harmony and happiness for the Earth, its peoples and its creatures. Outside of the box, becoming free of the matrix, some of are polyamorous, monogamous, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, celibate, pansexual. All relationship styles and structures are honored. Diversity is widely respected. Creativity encouraged.

We share a vision of world peace and are in alignment with the folks at the World Peace Association (

Experience community (common-unity), non-attachment and service to humanity, especially service to your brothers and sisters living with you in community (bhakti yoga). We educate, heal, entertain, share, and serve those who visit us.

Members at the ashrams practice tantra Sunday mornings. Permanent members of the ashrams go through Tantra School., which has a strong psychological emphasis, where students clear personal issues and trauma so that they may fully understand tantra and are best able to serve other students and guests who visit our temples and healing retreat centers.


What We Seek

We seek kind, loving, conscious, spiritually-aware adults for our immediate family and other beloveds for our global community. We envision bringing together members of our ashram with like-minded communities around the world. We seek pioneers, those bold enough to blaze new trails and create paradigms for partnership society, conscious relating and respect for all life. We hope to find those committed to the community vision, to come to our various communities to work with us long term, six months or more, hopefully years. We wish to be the destination, not the port in the storm. In order to become that we need you and your commitment to create conscious community, to work out any communications or personality differences, work on the tribe, each individual person committed to healing personal wounds that could effect the peace of the whole.

Join our experiment in conscious community and do better with us, better than we did with our parents and society. In community shed fears, inhibitions, judgments; see beauty and divinity in each other.

We envision a conscious community that is drug, alcohol, tobacco and drama free. Members are aligned with order and keep themselves and the community neat, clean and attractive. They love and honor nature, plants, animals and the planet.

Through personal responsibility, integrity and dedication to healing, we believe our goals of loving oneness, connecting with one another and feeling our love despite the distance, are easy to accomplish.

We invite you to join us in our experiment in consciousness. If our community guidelines resonate with you, please apply. Your Synergy Community Farms journey starts when you examine your family-of origin programming, cultural and religious conditioning, addictive and dysfunctional behaviors. You agree to improve. We support you as you face your programming and discover what things you wish to keep and what you things you want to reprogram and toss away.

What’s In It For You

Feel bigger than just the life within your bag of skin; experience oneness with others. Surrender to love, love more than one, find yourself. Co-create conscious communities and show the world the new partnership society with true equality for all; men, women, adults, children and other creatures who share our lives.

Create a Support System of Love

Honor and support each member on all chakra levels, so that she or he can do what she or he loves and love what she or he does. We seek conscious adults and those ready to awaken for our immediate, inner-circle family (our pod) and other beloveds for our extended, global community (our tribe).

Co-Create Civilized Civilizations, A Peaceful World (

Unite with us in conscious community. We see our Tantra Temple and Synergy Community as the first of many, a prototype for spiritual healing that the world would eventually adopt. We envision a global network of tantric, conscious communities, churches, temples, retreat and healing centers where individual relationship styles and sexual orientation choices are honored. Diversity, creativity and individual expression’s encouraged. Consciousness, however and wherever it manifests in physicality’s respected. All life’s revered. Love grows between all beings until the planetary grid shifts, creates a utopian, win-for-all, civilized civilization.

Bhakti Yoga

Ask not what your community can do for you. Ask what you can do for your community. Be of service to your fellow man. Learn that giving   and receiving are the same. Come together, meditate, pray, learn, grow,   evolve, practice tantra, yoga. Eat healthy. Enjoy fresh air, clean water,   nature at its best. Share friendship. Grow in love with life, your friends,   beloveds, the world. Create right-livelihood. Feel your spiritual connection   to others, nature, Source, Universal Consciousness. Empower yourself and the   others in our community and the world. Be of service, to your friends, fellow   seekers, guests, community-mates, nature, animals, the world. Put your hands   in the dirt, grow your own food, eat what you grow. It tastes super good.

How to Join

To join our experiment in conscious community and see what we can together do to do better, better than parents and society, fill out an Application. Volunteer to work in the garden for a day, a week, a year or a lifetime (housing available only for those who commit to six months or longer and only if available). In person or virtually through our global network join us as we change the world, make it a better place for EVERY ONE of us.

Once accepted, you are invited to join us and are given space in one of our dorms at one of our communities. Help us expand and grow as we create conscious communities, new paradigms for healing individuals, countries and the world. Ashram Members often chose to rotate where they’re staying in order to get to know other members better.

Currently Housing are dorm-style, shared quarters, baths, kitchens. All ashram members contribute economically and perform community service in order to maintain and improve the properties for all to enjoy. We ask for a minimum of six months commitment.

Contact Us

Help us purchase new lands, come together, educate one another, establish communities where we can heal ourselves and the world. Join us, donate time, money, resources, information, call 808-244-4103. Write or


For more on our principles, see Tantra Theosophical Society & Temple of Tantra

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