We find that most need to go through some kind of life review, heal with your parents or caretakers who raised you, confront your demons, look at the elephants in the middle of the living room.  In general it really helps if you clear all your chakras, reprogram, face your family-of-origin, religious and cultural conditioning programming and get centered and clear to make a good community mate (or partner in relationship, for that matter).

Few of us are saints. Most of us have stuff, baggage, garbage we carry within us and unless you have been raised in an intentional community, it may take a bit of adjustment to learn how to live communally.

Some come to it naturally, especially if you are a part of a large family or naturally gravitate towards creating extended families.  Some feel it on a core level, like an ancient, cellluar memory.  Some embrace it like a homecoming. Some rush towards it and have a knee jerk reaction, runaway and sometimes find themselves coming back to it time and again before they grok it.

Most communities have opportunities where you can make contact with others and withdraw, so you can have both quiet time and interactive time.

Whatever happens, living in community is certainly never a dull moment. I think that’s the main reason people enjoy community is that it beats living alone.

Healing helps. Most of us need some kind of healing in order to embrace and enjoy life fully.  Whatever comes up, whomever or whatever triggers you is a gift for your expansion and growth.  Yeah, I know. It doesn’t always feel like a gift when it’s happening. It hurts.  Yet counseling and therapy helps clear the cobwebs, allows you to gain clarity and better understanding of yourself and how you tick.  After the dust settles and you go in and extract that abcess tooth rather than just bandaid it, it does get better.

We offer a wide variety of healing/counseling methodologies: http://www.schooloftantra.net/Counseling/counseling.htm for potential community mates and just regular folks as well.

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