Hawaiian_Girl_200Free Members – Get access to various parts of the site. Access is limited.

Supporting Members – $10.00 month

Benefits:  1) newsletter, 2) may apply to attend classes at the Temple and Farm (residential and non) and 3) access to more areas of the web site.

Residential Members – $600.00 month.
Benefits: 1) Residential Members are assigned a dorm/shared space at the farm (based on availability), 2) newsletter, 3) access to more areas of the web site, 4) share in organic food harvested from the land (personal consumption only).

Requirements: 1) Residential Members are required to work 10 hours a week on projects, every week they reside at the Temple/Farm, 2) 6 month commitment, 3) farm certificate if they want to harvest and plant.

Student Members (Residential) – $1000.00 month. Details coming soon.

Student Member (Non-Residential) – Details coming soon.

Volunteer (Non-Residential) – Details Coming Soon

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